4 Reasons Why International Students Don’t Connect with American Students

Being in contact with many international students through my job as an International Community Assistant, living for more than two years in the United States and being an international student myself made me aware of a very interesting fact. It is hard for international students to become friends with American students. But why is that? I talked to some international …

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Personal Space: I Need You to Step Back

My husband and I walk into a Rischart, a well-known coffee establishment in Germany, with a friend and scan the area for a place to sit down. I consider myself a pretty easy-going person. I am flexible and not picky. But after my eyes do a quick look around, a slight feeling of anxiety starts creeping up from my stomach. …

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Surviving Winter in the United States

In case you are an international student in the United States and you are preparing for a forthcoming winter, then it is advisable you start making plans now! Especially if you haven’t experienced freezing weather before. Below are few tips for surviving winter in the United States. 1. Accessorize smarter Accessories are not just for fashion, especially when the weather …

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2019 Winter Photo Contest Announced: Win a $500 Scholarship

The team at International Student Voice is excited to announce another scholarship opportunity for international students studying in the United States. We are grateful to¬†International Student Protection ¬†for sponsoring this scholarship! International students can enter for a chance to receive a $500 scholarship by participating in the 2019 Winter Photo Contest. “We are curious to see how international students represent …

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