Americans Studying Abroad

Personal Space: I Need You to Step Back

My husband and I walk into a Rischart, a well-known coffee establishment in Germany, with a friend and scan the area for a place to sit down. I consider myself a pretty easy-going person. I am flexible and not picky. But after my eyes do a quick look around, a slight feeling of anxiety starts creeping up from my stomach. …

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Your Body May Be in New Country, but is Your Soul?

Soul-traveling-Katherine Zacapa

Your soul may have to catch up with your body when you live in a new country. Katherine Zacapa from Honduras is currently studying in Japan. She explains more why your soul takes some time to follow you in a new country. When I was 16, I did an exchange year in Switzerland. That was the very first time I …

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Be Careful Not to Drink Away Your Study Abroad Experience

Whenever, I tell someone that I don’t drink, they immediately wonder why. For me, I choose not to drink because of my health and family’s history. Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to lecture you and tell you that drinking is bad; it isn’t. I merely want to give you a reminder that there’s more to studying abroad …

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