Maintaining Your Resilience When the Honeymoon Phase Ends

So you’ve made it past the first few weeks of the semester and you are on fire for the rest of it. Absolutely brilliant! BUT, what are you going to do once the honeymoon of studying in the US wears off and things aren’t as great as when you first arrived? The weather is going to get colder, the excitement …

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Minnesota State University-Mankato

Minnesota State University-Mankato offers an affordable education for international students who are looking to earn a degree in the United States. Minnesota State University-Mankato is home to more than 1,300 international students from 92 countries. With a strong foundation of helping international students, they have a long-standing culture of supporting international students. More than 14,000 students study at Minnesota State University-Mankato, …

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Duolingo Offers Test to Assess English Skills of International Students

Duolingo, international student voice magazine

For nearly 45 years, higher education institutions in the U.S have been using the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL), for assessing a foreign applicant’s level and understanding of English. Likewise, a similar test called IELTS has been used in European English-speaking universities and colleges since 1989. Now, Duolingo has entered the arena of English skills assessment. Duolingo …

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Chinese Students Return Home to a Disappointing Job Market


In recent times, more Chinese are leaving their countries to study abroad. These students are nicknamed “haigui”, which also means sea turtle. While it is a great feat to study abroad, these “haigui” have experienced a lot of disappointment when they return home only to find out that the jobs, which satisfy their aspirations, are not readily available. Or many …

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