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International Student Voice Magazine, founded in 2011 is written by international students to support their peers and to assist higher education professionals to better understand the needs and challenges of international students in the U.S. colleges and American students studying abroad. It represents international student population, supports the voice of international students on campus, and builds a community through shared experiences. It aims to make the experience of international students positive, useful and rich while they pursue their dream education at our campuses. Unlike other resources for international students, ISV Magazine provides scholarships to international students on a bi-weekly basis known as the microscholarship program. We award $100 every other week to an international student during the fall and spring semesters.

In summary, ISV Magazine:

  • Actively advocates for international students studying in the U.S. and around the world and American students studying abroad
  • Shares student experiences, challenges, and success in pursuing their academic and professional goals
  • Serves as a resource not only for students, but also for higher education institutions, administration, and faculty and staff and campus community to better understand and collaborate with international students on campus
  • Provides various scholarships and micro-scholarship for international students
  • Co-sponsors events organized by international student organizations at higher education institutions
  • Works closely with the Department of Homeland Security to provide immigration resources

Our team is a group of volunteers who deeply care about advocating for international education and helping students succeed. The head team works to promote ISV Magazine as a way for student to share their true experiences. No one on the team receives compensation.

To contact a team member please email INFO@internationalstudentvoice.org

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