Tips for international students on surviving winter in the United States.

Surviving Winter in the United States

In case you are an international student in the United States and you are preparing for a forthcoming winter, then it is advisable you start making plans now! Especially if you haven’t experienced freezing weather before. Below are few tips for surviving winter in the United States.

Tips for international students on surviving winter in the United States.
1. Accessorize smarter

Accessories are not just for fashion, especially when the weather is freezing. Below are some accessories you will need for the cold weather:

  • Water resistant shoes: Winter in the U.S always comes with snow, sleet, and ice. Since having your feet wet will amplify every cool breeze that blows, it is sensible to make sure your feet are warm and dry.
  • A cap, glove, and scarf trio: These little items can go a long way in helping you survive winter in the United States. Without a hat, you will risk losing excessive body heat. Without gloves, you may not be able to move your fingers. And the absence of a scarf, you will feel every little snowflake or breeze on the back of your neck!
  • An insulated coat: It is essential to know that not all jackets are the same. As an international student studying in a place with genuinely freezing temperatures, buying an insulated coat will be worth your money.
2. Plot an attack plan

While walking to and from school, ensure you tread carefully, take shortcuts when necessary and walk through buildings along the streets. If there is public transportation, take it! Even a few moments away from the cold can be a life saver.

3. Do not get sick

Winter and sickness usually go hand-in-hand. Though vitamins cannot guarantee you won’t fall ill, taking them will definitely help boost your immune system. Also, it’s important to maintain good hygiene by frequently washing your hands, especially before eating.

4. Travel carefully

Be sure you learn how to drive during the winter season. For instance, bridges may become frozen before other parts of the road and black ice means roads could be icy even if they look fine.

5. Stay informed

In those areas that get very dangerous during cold weather, it is essential you stay informed. Pay attention to local weather reports as well as campus reports.

In conclusion, as an international student who is still learning about the environment around them and weather situations in the United States, surviving winter can pose a big problem. By following these steps, we hope your winter in the United States can be a little more enjoyable.

In case you desire to study in the United States in a city that has freezing weather, then check out other northern states such as Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Maine.

Visit The Weather Channel’s website for the forecast in your area

Visit to see the forecast in your area

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