International students: Participate in the ISV Magazine Photo Contest for a chance to receive a $500 scholarship

2019 Winter Photo Contest Announced: Win a $500 Scholarship

The team at International Student Voice is excited to announce another scholarship opportunity for international students studying in the United States. We are grateful to International Student Protection  for sponsoring this scholarship!

International students can enter for a chance to receive a $500 scholarship by participating in the 2019 Winter Photo Contest.

“We are curious to see how international students represent their countries while studying abroad,” Carrie Circosta, Editor in Chief, shared. “We’re hoping students will be creative! It’s a fun and easy opportunity to receive a scholarship.”

The contest started on January 3 and students have until Thursday, January 31 at 11:59 EDT to enter. Soon after, all eligible entries will be posted to an album on the International Student Voice Facebook page. The top 10 photos with the most likes will move on as finalists and from those 10 photos, one winner will be selected.

To read more about the contest and to enter, please visit

International Student Voice hosted another recent photo contest during the summer of 2018. The winner was Mary Magdelene-Chumbow from Cameroon studying at Ohio University. The theme of the photo contest was “My Life in a New Country”.

“Receiving the news that the photo I had entered into the contest had won, meant everything to me,” Mary said.  “Not only did it come on a Friday afternoon, after I had had quite a rough first week of school , but it also came as a much needed form of encouragement. I saw so many amazing photos entered into the competition and captions which simply blew my mind away, so being selected as a winner, simply humbles me. As a Christian, the first thing that comes to mind is that this could only be by God’s grace and for me, all glory, no matter how big or small, go back to Him; My baby, JP, and I, keep looking forward to seeing the great things He has planned for us in this new nation He has placed us in. I would like to thank the ISV team once more for this opportunity that it is giving international students from across the globe, to share their amazing experiences on such a great platform.”

Mary-Magdalene Chumbow, Cameroon, Ohio University was the winner of the summer 2018 photo contest and received a $500 scholarship.
“A year before this photo was taken, he had not dreamed of visiting and living in the places he has been to so far.
Today, seeing my eight-year old with a pink selfie stick in hand and #BlackPanther Tee Shirt on his body, taking a selfie with the big White House on 1600 Pensylvannia Avenue in the background, I believe this is just the beginning of something beautiful.
This gives me hope for the new life we just started in this new country, the USA; Hope of exposure, adventure and growth, together.”
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