St. Cloud State University: Offering International Students Substantial Scholarships

St. Cloud State University has a tradition of welcoming international students to its campus and to the state of Minnesota. With its substantial Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship and the ability for state institutions to offer in-state tuition, this helps international students earn an affordable education in the United States.

St. Cloud State University is home to more than 1,400 international students from 85 countries. With a strong foundation of helping international students, they have a long-standing culture of supporting international students.

More than 14,000 students study at St. Cloud State University, making it one of the largest universities in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. There are more than 200 majors, including accounting, land surveying and mapping sciences, nursing and meteorology.

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St. Cloud State University is located in the upper Midwest of the United States in the state of Minnesota. It is roughly 69 miles (111km) and about an hour (driving) outside of the Twin Cities, also known as Minneapolis-St. Paul. Minneapolis is the 16th largest city in the United States and the largest city in the state and St. Paul is the state capital.

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International Student Tuition 

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Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship

All international students (F-1 and J-1) are eligible for this scholarship. In order to keep their scholarship, international students need to complete cultural sharing activities with the campus community during the year and remain in good academic standing.

“The academic and cultural sharing scholarship means giving back”, Shahzad Ahmad, the Associate Vice President of the Center for International Studies explained. “That means there’s a lot of cultural programming that happens. There are 22 Saturdays available during the academic year, 15 Saturdays there are cultural nights. All are open to the community.”

Some examples of how international students can share their cultures are cultural nights, cultural cafes, doing a cultural presentation to a class, be elected as a leader for a student organization, and many more.

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International Student Numbers at St. Cloud State University 

1,409 international students from 85 countries studied at St. Cloud State University during spring 2018.

Courtesy of the Center for International Studies

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Why Should You Study at St. Cloud State University?

“We have a history of receiving international students, a community that appreciates the presence of international students and different cultures,” Shahzad Ahmad shared. “St. Cloud State University has been a leader in the field of international education for a long time, [both] receiving students as well as sending students to study abroad. We are very active with students, faculty and the community, as well as looking for opportunities to enhance to bring more people to the state of Minnesota.”


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