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President Trump Reveals Revised Executive Order on Immigration

President Trump signed a new travel ban with changes that administration officials said they hope get stopped in the courts again.

What is different with this executive order?

  • There is a 90-day ban on issuing new visas for citizens from the following six muslim-majority countries:
    • Libya
    • Syria
    • Sudan
    • Iran
    • Yemen
    • Somalia
  • The 90-day ban is to allow time to evaluate extreme vetting measure to ensure who is entering the country.
  • The previous ban included seven countries. In the new executive order Iraq was removed from the list.
  • The United States will not accept more than 50,000 refugees each year. The previous limit was 110,000 set by the Obama administration.
  • By case-by-case scenarios, citizens from those countries can apply for waivers, including those who were previously admitted to the U.S. for work or study, people admitted for business, and those who would like to visit or live with family.

The order is supposed to take effect on March 16.

Though changes were made, many refugee advocates say the order is still a muslim ban.

“The only way to actually fix the Muslim ban is not to have a Muslim ban,” Omar Jadwat, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project said. “Instead, President Trump has recommitted himself to religious discrimination, and he can expect continued disapproval from both the courts and the people.”

In an email, President Trump explained, “As your President, I made a solemn promise to keep America safe. And I will NEVER stop fighting until we implement the policies you — and millions of Americans like you — voted for.”

To read the details of the first executive order on immigration, please click here.


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