Meet the ISV Ambassadors

Meet the ISV Ambassadors


Rosa Mercado-United States

University of Tampa, International Student Advisor

B.A. Journalism, the Ohio State University

“I am currently an International Student Advisor at my university serving a population of 700 international students in Tampa, Florida. In addition to developing our own social media page and newsletter, I would like to share the wonderful resources that ISV has to offer to them.”


Diana Carrillo-Mexico

Northern Illinois University

“I would like to be an ISV Ambassador because I consider this a very good opportunity for volunteering. Also, I would like to help out other new international students  who come to this country and need a little help to get though their new life. I was once there, and there was people who help me, so I would love to help now.”

Jahaziel Hiriart-Mexico

Oklahoma State University

“International students are usually the most undervalued assets of an institution. For the vast majority of American university students, exposure to foreign students on campus is their first international experience, and for many, their only international experience.
I have experienced the benefits of studying abroad and having international students on campus. That is why I am passionate about diversity, cross-cultural education and becoming global citizens.”

Da Hyun Kim-South Korea

Portland Community College

“I came to the States in March 2011. For few months, I felt absolutely lost because I did not know how to survive in this humongous land where I had no friends, connections, and mentors. After a year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and started to meet people, and join organization. Being an ISV Ambassador I can be not only great advocator but also a mentor. I am currently working with my college’s OIE. I am nowadays planning couple of events for the International week. I still attend the Orientations of International students every term and keep in contact with each of them for years.

Jackie Knowles-United States

Butler University ’08

“As a Midwesterner, I have always had a deep love for home, but my driving force of curiosity, and undying desire to learn, has taken me to faraway lands. Through my personal experiences with study abroad, work/live abroad, international volunteering and leisure travel, I wish to instill the same curiosity, desire to learn and passion for global travel to other international and study abroad students as I have within me.”

Sarah Naji Alyasiri-Iraq

University of New Haven ’13

“I am from Iraq and I have been in the U.S. four years now. I believe I can inspire all other international students, help them and guide them; especially since I had been through what they may be going through now. I know how they feel and what kind of struggles they may face. I believe that I will be the right mentor or ambassador for them.”

Christina Burke-Jamaica

Howard University

“Becoming an ISV Ambassador is a great opportunity to assist other international students like myself, with problems or issues they may face.”

Katherine Murrin-United States

Marymount California University

“I work with international students at my university. I teach academic preparation course, coordinate activities, and advise. I am very passionate about them transitioning and integrating into the United States. I am very involved with NAFSA and a current trainee in the NAFSA Academy Region XII.”

Ruyu Liu-China

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“I want to be an ISV Ambassador, stepping out proudly with confidence on the world stage, to help international students and grow with them. As an international student myself, I totally understand and frustration and the cultural barriers which sometimes seem intimidating; I know it’s not easy to step out for ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we will give up letting our voice to be heard, instead, the challenges should lead to work together on the intercultural communication.”

Paulina Villarreal-Mexico

University of Cincinnati

“I have been an international student in the United States for more than 5 years (began freshman year, and now I am currently a graduate student). My experience in this country has been life changing, and I only wish to share any advice with other students, as people have done with me in the past. I am eager to exchange stories, create strong connections and become a leader in the international community!”

Paul Petrick-United States

Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

“Who wouldn’t want to be an ISV Ambassador?”

Stacy Yue-United States

Texas State University

I’d like to be a voice for ISV on my campus! I also enjoy being an advocate to international student, those who like learning about different cultures, and students who study abroad.

Lu Sun-China

Mississippi College

Yashwant Prakash Vyas-India

Texas A&M University

“I am heavily involved in student activities at Texas A&M and I have an interest in international affairs and diversity. I love to write about my experiences. I believe I can make a small contribution to the ISV magazine through my writings and by being an ambassador for ISV at Texas A&M University.”

Huanyue Ma-China

Mississippi College

“I want to share my feelings and opinions with others, and I want to know more about the international students in America.”


You can volunteer to be an ISV Ambassador at any time!

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