Be an ISV Magazine Correspondent

If you are a current university/college student looking for news writing experience or someone who is passionate about international student issues and international education, this is the right volunteer opportunity for you!

International Student Voice Magazine has correspondents covering news related to international students and U.S. American study abroad students. To apply to be a correspondent, please use the form at the bottom of this page.


Responsible for gathering and reporting on news and information related to international students and U.S. American study abroad students. Also responsible for covering news, activities, events, and interviews on campus. At least one article will be included in the printed issues of International Student Voice Magazine distributed across the United States.

We are currently taking applications on an on-going basis. This volunteer opportunity can be for one semester or a full academic year.


  • Gather information for news or international and study abroad interest stories.
  • Utilize a number of sources to gain different perspectives and facts. Be sure to fact check information gathered from sources.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Take necessary photographs and video related to articles.
  • Not be intimidated to investigate issues in the field of international education.
  • After gathering the necessary facts and conducting interviews, write articles that will be featured on Each article written will be considered for the printed issues of International Student Voice Magazine.
  • Expected to write roughly one article every other week.
  • Correspondents are encouraged to write editorials, feature stories, etc. in addition to news stories.

Will topics be given to me or do I choose my own?

Correspondents will choose their own current and relevant topics based on their assigned region (see below). Occasionally, correspondents will receive assignments from the Editor in Chief or will be asked to cover activities/events at nearby universities/colleges and in the region.

Do I have to relocate or travel often to be a correspondent?

NO. Being a correspondent means covering news on your campus and news around the world. This means you will conduct interviews in person, via Skype, email, phone, etc. You are not expected to do extensive traveling to cover stories.

I am an American student currently studying abroad. Can I still apply?

Yes! You can cover news related to your current study abroad country or you can apply to be a correspondent for a U.S. region upon your return.

To apply to be a correspondent, please click here!

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