Shweta Singh

Shweta is a graduate student majoring in hospitality and tourism management at Kent state University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a post graduate diploma in travel management. Although she has multiple years of marketing and operations experience in various aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry, the most notable is her time working for Indian Railways’ luxury tourist train, the Maharaja Express, voted the world’s leading luxury train. Shweta is an avid traveler and has travelled through five countries. At present, she is exploring her interests in the field of hospitality and tourism while assisting a number of research projects as a graduate assistant at Kent State University. Shweta is also serving as vice president of the KSU chapter of Eta Sigma Delta honor society and Kent International Graduate Students Association (IGSA). She is a recognized blog contributor to International Student Voice Magazine and the AroundCampus Group. She also contributes blogs for Restaurant Hospitality and on prominent topics related to Hospitality. Shweta aspires to pursue a doctorate degree in order to be able to make original contribution in the field of sustainable community development through tourism.

United Airline can kick anyone off their flight and its legal, or is it?

If you follow news or even if you are on any of the social media platforms, you must have caught the air about United Airlines’ hospitality. “We put hospital in our hospitality” seems to be the new motto of this airline, as per one contributor to the #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos hashtag. Airlines kick passengers off of over-booked flights all the time. United …

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