Saudi Arabia Forces Its Foreign Students in Canada to Study Elsewhere

saudi arabia and canada international student voice

Tensions are high between Saudi Arabia and Canada. After Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador from their country, they now want their students in Canada to study somewhere else. There are about 16,000 students from Saudi Arabia who are currently studying in Canada. The Saudi government has frozen their scholarships and given them all orders to find a school in …

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Top 5 Things International Students Should Know About American Culture

For several international students, studying in America brings the excitement about living in and learning different cultures. Most international students prepare for this journey by understanding the level of cultural differences that they will come across in the United States. For your convenience, we listed below the top 5 things that international students should know about American Culture. Individuality The …

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A Road to Success: The Kati Touré Story

Young Africans can often tell you that growing up in an African household was very tough or strict in some ways. From the onset certain traditions are instilled in you and you are told that “education is the greatest gift your parents could give to you” It isn’t surprising that a lot of Africans try as much as possible to …

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The Importance of Family While Studying Abroad

The very next day of New Year’s Day, I left my home country, Japan, by myself for the first time to start my new university life in Hawaii. My university is located in Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii, which is famous for the great amount of rain and active volcanos. When I arrived at Hilo, the weather was perfect and …

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