A Road to Success: The Kati Touré Story

Young Africans can often tell you that growing up in an African household was very tough or strict in some ways. From the onset certain traditions are instilled in you and you are told that “education is the greatest gift your parents could give to you” It isn’t surprising that a lot of Africans try as much as possible to strive for excellence. And for Kati Prisca Touré, her story wasn’t any much different. Kati Touré was born in Ivory Coast on the 13th of December 1991, she had both her primary and secondary school education in Ivory Coast. She then moved to Ghana for her higher education. Ivory Coast is a French speaking(Francophone) country while, Ghana is an English speaking (Anglophone) country, so the transition wasn’t as smooth as one would think, Kati is very hardworking and was very determined to learn the English Language and so she pursued it with everything she had. Initially She started off with accounting but as the years progressed, she started to realize that she wanted to help people more and thus her interest in the health sciences increased, even more so in Nursing. At this point she had had about 120 credits and needed an American university that would accept most of her credits, in her own words “I went through a lot to find and choose a school, I came from Africa with a 120 credits and I found different universities but my prayer was to go to a school that would accept most of my credits and was also Christian based”.

“Lees- McRae College”, a small college in Banner Elk, North Carolina was God sent” She said. She also made sure that I understood that Nursing school wasn’t easy, “It was hard and having English Language as second language didn’t make it any easier”, she said. It is no doubt that when things are hard or the situation we find ourselves in is tough, the people we surround ourselves with or the ones that do stick around d make a difference. Kati Touré is very much thankful to the professors that saw her through the two years at the May School of Nursing at Lees-McRae College. In her own words again “Dr. Fero, our dean of nursing is my role model. She is an amazing leader who is sincere, caring, charismatic, empathetic and treats everyone equally. She inspires me every day, she is always positive, calm and confident, and most importantly always there for her students. She always strives for bigger and better objectives and She is the kind of woman and leader I would like to grow into”. She also mentioned Professor Brewer, how amazing she is and how she never gave up on her, as well as Dr. Darnall and how she pushed her out of her comfort zone and taught her how to believe in herself. Kati is most thankful her friends and her family, as they have been her greatest strengths throughout her journey and Finally all thanks be to God, as he is the one who made everything possible in her life. Kati Touré graduated from Lees-McRae College on the 5th of May , 2018 with a bachelors in science Nursing with a G.P.A of 3.57 and honors( Cum Laude). I asked her what her future plans were, her response was “My plans after graduation are to pass my NCLEX, and move to Asheville and work as a nurse”, I also asked her where she sees herself in ten years and I must say it is pretty impressive, “In ten years I see myself as a women’s health nurse practitioner working with the United Nations to provide care to women in need around the world”.

I couldn’t just let her go without letting her share some words of wisdom with the rest of the world, so I asked her what advice she had for the younger generation and with a smile she said, “ Nothing in life comes fast and easy, one needs to learn to be patient, Love yourself, be passionate about your dreams and never limit yourself”, she also went on to say that “ With self-discipline, you can do anything you set your mind to, but don’t forget to make time for your parents, family and friends and most importantly always put GOD first.

Kati Touré is a fun, admirable and very intelligent person and I must admit that she has begun to inspire me myself. The world is most definitely not ready for a “Kati Touré”. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors, and who knows maybe one day we would be able to interview Kati Touré, maybe not just as a nurse, but as one of our “world leaders”. In my own words “Greatness is inevitable”.

Written by Gladys E. Bolawa

ISV Contributor 

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