The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Diana Moore is an international student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil studying architecture and urban design at the University of New Mexico. At first it may be scary to study abroad, but Diana shares why the benefits outweigh the fears!

Diana Moore submitted the following article to International Student Voice Magazine: 

Studying abroad is the dream of many students. Mainly study in the United States. This is my case. The move to study away from home is for the reason that these experiences will open doors, and develops work opportunity, especially when returning to the country of origin. But study abroad is a challenge, because it is another language, culture, food and other habits that the international student is not accustomed to. This requires discipline, focus, and awareness. But at the end of the course the student who surpasses this barrier will be better prepared for the job.

The student who decides to study abroad needs to be aware of the challenges, those arise when studying away from home. The student will be without family, friends. This situation can generate alone to the student. The clash of culture, socialization, or even food can generate discomfort for the student; this deters the sense of homesick. This is a word when translating into Portuguese does not exist. When I moved to the US, I was so happy and everything was new. Over time the novelty has become routine. So reality knocked on my door. This is not my city, my friends? I felt alone, homesick! I did not expect living in another country would be difficult. It was my dream to study another language and to do masters in another country.

Studying abroad begins to improve when the student focuses on the goal. He or she follows the goals and does not let emotions affect the goals, and not giving up on them. In my case it was very difficult in a few months to have focus. Some barriers of life I had to face. What I would not let go of was my purpose in life. The masters in the US. Perceive it even when there is no strength and not to see the light, this force causes it to grow. The sensation of overcoming is rewarding.

Conclusion, studying abroad is for the few, not because it is expensive, but rather it takes courage to leave the country of origin to face something new. And, it is the life goals that will drive the student to move on and not give up on them.

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