Samory Fraga is an international student from Brazil studying at Kent State University

Why I Decided to Study in the United States

Samory Fraga, an international student from Brazil studying at Kent State University shares why he decided to study in the United States.

Samory Fraga submitted the following article to International Student Voice Magazine: 

Before coming to the United States I was really afraid. Afraid of not having friends, afraid of people treat me badly, afraid of losing contact with my friends back home, afraid of not understanding the classes; I was afraid of so many things that I was almost giving up. But then, about two months before my departure, I read an article in Portuguese that talked about living abroad. I do not recall the title, but there was something written that I will never forget: “Those who have gone, go or will go [live in another country], will never have the burden of not having tried”. Those words seem simple, but at the time they had such an impact over me that, suddenly, I was ready to go.

Leaving home to go study in another country is not easy. Many people leave their home countries to go after a dream, and honestly, that is incredibly brave of them. They chose to live with no regrets. All that bravery is worth it; the college environment is one of the most amazing environments they will ever see. I can assure it. The college environment is so organized, self sufficient and, in most cases, so welcoming that, in the end, the only question that comes to mind is: Why do I have to leave this place?

I am really glad with my decision of coming to college in the United States, I wish I had come sooner. I cannot even measure how much I’ve grown in those past 2 years living by myself and I am absolutely sure that growth will help me a lot in the future. This experience abroad has changed my life!

Don’t get me wrong, I was and I still am afraid of many things. But I came to understand that there is nothing wrong with being afraid. The only thing that we should pay attention at is not letting this fear take over our choices. Of course, there will be obstacles and tough moments, after all, life is a trail, not a rail. Keep walking.

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