Oscars 2018 will take place on March 5! Here are some things that surprised us about the nominations this year.

7 Times Oscars 2018 Nominations Surprised Us Like Never Before

The Oscars 2018 nominations are here, and we cannot wait to see the awards lighting up our evening on the 5th of March 2018.

While we are pretty upset that some of the most celebrated performances and movies didn’t get their due at the nominations, nevertheless, we are happy for the most part.

There have been quite a few pleasant surprises this year and that is enough to keep us thrilled for the awards ceremony. We’d possibly live with a few masterpiece snubs. Well, almost. Here’s a look:

Diversity gets a facelift

For the second year in a row, we have several people of color featuring on the nominations list of the Academy Awards. Diversity finds itself at the forefront – in front of and behind the camera to be precise – with movies such as “Get Out,” “Mudbound,” “The Shape of Water,” “Lady Bird,” and “The Big Sick” representing the non-white population.

Fierce women lead the show

Woohooo! Oscars this year won’t be all-male phenomenon from quite a margin. With a considerable number of women calling the shots at movie scenes, this was an imaginative move although not absolutely anticipated.
Rachael Morrison became the first female cinematographer ever to be nominated for the prestigious awards. Greta Grewig was only the fifth woman to get a nomination for “Lady Bird.” Also, four of the nine best picture finalists are women! Now, that calls for a toast. Cheers, ladies!

Superhero-worthy screenplay

There are movies, and then there are superhero movies. We get it. On most occasions, superhero films are limited to sheer entertainment with little to no content that requires thought or emotional rumination. But with Logan, that wasn’t the case. With a gripping, thoughtful storyline, the Hugh Jackman-starrer impressed the academy awards voters to the extent of earning itself a writing nomination – a first for a superhero movie.

From the stage to the Oscars

Well-known on the other side of the pond as a highly talented theater actress, Lesley Manville made a great appearance on ‘Phantom Thread.’ A lesser-known face for American audiences, Manville now joins the Oscar nominations bandwagon for ‘best supporting actress’ with Laurie Metcalf (“Lady Bird”) and Hong Chau (“Downsizing”).


The “Wonder” Snub

Sure enough, “Wonder Woman” wrote a new chapter in the history of female-oriented movies. It made people realize that a superhero movie – starring a woman (Gal Gadot) and directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins) – could rake in some serious moolah at the box-office. However, the movie received little luck (read no luck) at the Oscar nominations. For most of us, it is shocking to have Wonder Woman getting this treatment at the academy awards, but such is life, even for the Wonder Woman, apparently.

A Not-so-White triumph

Jordan Peele, “Get Out” producer, director, and writer becomes only the fifth black man to ever get an Oscar nomination. He also is the first black person to land three Oscar nominations. To begin with, “Get Out” was a great movie, but it was a huge far cry from a traditional Oscar movie – bold, revealing, realistic, harsh, and horrifying. But with the nominations panel being as diverse as ever, Peele made the cut and got himself an illuminating spree of academy award nominations. This man’s just got it!

The Post’s storyteller loses steam

Steven Spielberg’s “The Post” which made heads turn with its gripping tale and ensemble casting didn’t quite get recognized for its talented director. Although the movie secured a spot on the best movies’ list, Spielberg lost the best director’s nomination to relatively much newer filmmakers such as Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele.

Of course, Hollywood is still miles apart from painting a perfectly egalitarian and inclusive society. But from the looks of it, the industry is surely inching towards more progressive times – which is of course, highly welcomed and celebrated.

In the times that we live in, movies are a powerful medium to make an impression and this year at the Oscars, we are looking forward to commemorating a handful of these impactful tales. Yeah, you go, Hollywood!

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