3 Reasons Students Don’t Study Abroad

Alish Dogra, an international student from India studying at the University of New Mexico, writes about 3 common fears why students don’t want to study abroad and how to overcome those fears.

The following article was submitted by Alish Dogra: 

“The word ‘fear’ is a feeling of danger and threat that happens to a human being which can leads to various change in metabolism of an organism”(source wikipedia). Every human has a fear of different things. There are very few people who are fearless. There are many kinds of fears that a human being feels for example- fear of dying, exams, loosing, and among all these fears there is also a fear of studying abroad, which almost every student feels who goes abroad after receiving F1 visa. Causes of fear in studying abroad are because they are far away from their family members and friends, more study pressure and financial issues.

1. Being far from family members
Being far from family members is the most challenging situation for a student because they were the only people from whom the students get motivated, share all the thoughts and ideas during the times they are much needed. The family members and the friends are the only people who stand in their difficult times but now being far away from them they always feel helpless and lonely. They feel helpless because its difficult to cook after studying all day and its also difficult to eat outside also because of financial problems, and at this time they feel helpless and remember their family members who used to cook food for them whenever they wanted.

2. Change in academic culture
Due to change of academic culture in different country as every country has a different rule, it is also challenging for the student to adapt in that situation where they have very different kinds of rule that can be regarding attendance, marks, tardy and many other different rules. So these rules can create a fear of studying in abroad. According to Haung (2006), McClure (2005), Campbell-Evans and Legette (2007), international students also face academic difficulties, because of different writing culture and also they can’t copy someone’s idea to their writing without giving credit.

3. Finances
Financial problems from their family background also causes fear because they always think of how to earn money to pay the fees, to pay the rent and to eat food. According to Marginson, Nyland, Sawir, and ForbesMewett (2010), international students have to show enough money to fulfill the requirements of student visa they are applying for.

I think the fear of studying abroad can be removed from a student’s life if he or she focuses on his work and meet new people without hesitation, asking them about their culture and exploring new places with them. There is nothing impossible in this world anything can be improved or removed from one’s life if he or she has will to do it. So according to me fear is very common in every student who comes abroad because of certain change in environment and culture.

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