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Taking a Look at Cheating in America

Sometimes the pressure to do well in school leads students to the option of cheating. One organization shared some interesting statistics about cheating in the United States, take a look!

Cheating is defined as doing something “immoral” to achieve a goal. Often times it means breaking rules. This doesn’t mean all people who cheat are immoral. It’s human to feel so much pressure to do well that cheating may seem like a good idea.

There are different ways of cheating in college.  One of the most common types of cheating in college is plagiarism. And this type is what most international students are guilty of, but often they don’t even know it’s cheating.

Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s words, ideas, or research as your own original work. For example, you are writing a paper and you find information online from someone else about your topic. You take that information and put it in your paper, but you DON’T say where the information came from. That’s plagiarism.

If you are ever unsure if you are cheating or plagiarizing, ask your professors. We also found this website This is a great site that further explains what plagiarism is and how to make sure you don’t do it!

The organization shared this infographic with us and we thought it would be great to share with our readers. It takes a look at some statistics about students cheating in the United States, from kindergarten all the way to college.


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