International students volunteered to clean beaches near Panama City, Florida. Photo courtesy of

International Students Help Clean Up Florida Beaches

A group of international students who are temporarily working in the United States this summer volunteered to clean up beaches.

The international students who are in Panama City working on J-1 visas decided to spend the day on August 7 cleaning up beaches near the City Pier.

This day was also known as National J Day, a day in which celebrates international exchanges. So after they spent the day picking up trash, the international students got to have dinner and a party.

“Here in the United States, it’s good. Everybody is trying to enjoy yourself, it’s like self-confidence maybe. It’s positive, positive. I like that very much and here in summer. I really enjoy myself here, really great summer; best summer ever,” Roman Linkov, a J-1 student from Russia, shared with KALB.

Watch the video below, courtesy of news affiliate KALB.

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