Dramatic increases in web traffic shows American students looking to study in Canada since the Presidential election.

More Americans Look to Canadian Universities After Trump Win

With the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump now just days way, new information shows a sharp spike in the number of American students applying for Canadian universities.

School officials at the University of Toronto said website traffic increased dramatically. On November 8 there were 1,000 visits on the school’s website. On November 9, traffic jumped to 10,000. Officials at McGill University also claimed a huge jump in applications from American students.

“College Canada” and “university Canada” as key search words on Google spiked after the election, most coming from New York and California on November 9.

But only time will tell exactly how many American students will study in Canada for the next academic year. Some officials said they do believe there may still be an increase in international students (non-American) as a result of the election, as web traffic also increased from areas outside of the United States.

What is your opinion about studying in the United States since Donald Trump was elected President? Would you prefer to study in Canada or another country?

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