How Dating is Different in the United States

Pooja from India shares some insights on how dating is different in the United States than back home. Do you agree?

GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY–It’s been more than a month I have been in U.S. and it has been an escapade up till now. I am from India and dating/relationships is entirely different compared to U.S.

Dating in America is very much casual and undemanding. You can just meet a person in a bar or a shopping mall and approaching someone to ask them out is easy. It is easy to go out with a stranger for a dinner and drinks. In the U.S. dating is a concept of getting to know each other. Romantic relationships in America doesn’t have to involve future plans with the opposite person, but to spend quality time. Most of the people I observed keep trying hard to score a girl for a date with random flirting. Going on a date is implicitly considered to be a lunch or dinner.

Relationships/dating has an entirely different perspective in my home country. In India, you go out on a date with a person only when you know them. Even being an acquaintance is not sufficient. Relationships are taken rather seriously than just a single date night dinner. Indians believe in long-lived relations. It’s obviously due to the vast culture difference in the two countries. But I think both countries are right on their part and perspective. Falling in love can be the best thing, so be for a day or for forever.

Pooja Manvikar

Georgia State University

Home Country: India

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