Tanveer: A Day in the Life of an International Disabled Student

Tanveer, studying at George Washington University, shares what life is like as a disabled international student studying in the United States.

Though the number of international students studying in the U.S. continues to grow, according to Mobility International USA (MIUSA) students with disabilities are still underrepresented.

In an effort to spread more awareness about providing opportunities for disabled international students to study in the United States, the following video was shared by MIUSA to feature Tanveer, a legally blind international student from the United Arab Eremites who is studying for his master’s in education at George Washington University. Tavneer is just one of more than 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired.

Tanveer explains how the university provides him alternative formats of materials so he can still read textbooks. He also shares how simple resources such as crosswalk machines that talk help him in his every day activities.

“As an international student, I’ve always heard that America is the land of opportunities,” Tanveer shares in the video. “So this system actually provides people with disabilities that opportunity and equal treatment as people without disability. It is a further reflection that people with disabilities are actually protected and are actually cared for. They are actually valued as citizens.”

WATCH Tanveer: A day in the life of an international disabled student 

To learn more about how you can support providing opportunities to study in the U.S. for international disabled students please click here. 

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