International Student’s Response to Newspaper Article is Spot On

An article published in the Indiana Daily Student discussed the struggles international students have trying to feel at home on campus. However, one international student wrote a letter to the editor and makes a spot on observation.

In the article titled International Students Voice Concerns published in the Indiana Daily Student, the article shares the concerns international students have studying at Indiana University.

Even though students acknowledged the university is trying to help international students feel comfortable and more at home on campus, it is not enough.

Juno Huang, a student from Taiwan said, “There are so many services to make IU look good for the people who are coming in,” Huang said. “After we step on campus, that’s when the drama and isolation 

Ardin Yeo, a student from Singapore said he was frustrated with the student government’s culture of inaction. “The administration is good at organizing task forces, town hall meetings and campaigns,” Yeo said. “But after these events are over, what happens? Nothing.”

Yvonne Zhao, a student from China said she felt tensions between international and domestic students after she came to IU from Beijing. She said she wanted to start a dialogue to improve these relationships. “There are few efforts on campus by students,” Zhao said. “We want to show these underrepresented groups actually exist.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

However, one international student who also studies at Indiana University read this article and had a MAJOR problem. All the students they interviewed were from Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Singapore).

Her name is Tiffany Ignalaga and the article frustrated her so much, she wrote a letter to the editor:

Dear editor, I recently contacted the IDS, and Suzanne Grossman advised me to write this letter to the editor. Firstly, I would like to say that I read your news articles quite a bit, and haven’t been this frustrated in my life.

I have attached the link to the article I am referring to: International students voice concerns

The article talks about international students’ view on how IU isn’t helping them out at all, but, sadly, I don’t agree with the people you chose to interview. If you say all international students supposedly felt IU isn’t giving back to them, why are the people you chose to interview mainly from China?

 I’m an international student attending IUB, my family is from the Philippines but I was born and raised in Bahrain, I speak British English and comprehend Arabic and French.

Sure, I sometimes feel that my school isn’t offering enough to me as an international student, but to my understanding, as international students, it’s up to us to make our way on campus and try to become an equal individual alongside traditional and non-traditional American students.

I don’t see your reporters talking to someone from Saudi Arabia, India or Europe for a different point of view. Are their views more important because you think they can speak their mind clearly than other nationalities?

This article should not have been approved, and I’m writing this email showing how one-sided this article appeared to be, and how it was not well-thought-out.

You are basing facts from people from China, and didn’t bother to talk to other international students. That is plain rude, causing more misconception about international students not getting what they want. Not all international students think alike, we have different views on how the school is treating us.



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