The True Life Lessons in Zootopia (Oops, Spoiler!)

This is the only movie which I spent money twice to go watch, and after seeing it two times, I decided to write something about it.

Zootopia, it’s a soft movie, but at the same time it contains a lot of energy. Every single animal in the movie makes you want to touch them. They were produced as the cutest creatures in the world, so animal lovers you might melt in two minutes after the movie starts. There are so many different characters that represent different personalities that you might find yourself in the movie It is not only a huge Hollywood movie, but it also portrays the truth of the adults’ world. These are some of the life lessons:

The desire of exploring the world

The hardest question in the world for most people is “what am I going to do in my life?” You can choose to copy and paste your parents’ living experience; it’s probably a safe way. Or you can follow your heart, to go and see what is there in the outside of the world. The desire of exploring the world happens to almost everyone in their life, to leave the place that you are most familiar with and to go somewhere where you have no idea what is going to be, to leave the conformist life to find out a better life. For the little bunny Judy, become a police officer is a dream since she was a child, but everyone feels that is impossible. However, Judy goes on the way that not a bunny tried before. After spent all the time and effort on getting stronger, she comes to the new world and purses her dream.

Is the outside of the world wonderful?

zootopia 1

I will never forget the look that Judy has when she arrives in Zootopia, her eyes are shining and saying “I’m ready.” This is a very intriguing and complex feeling. The outside of the world is so much more wonderful than you thought it would be, but the danger and brutality are beyond your imagination as well. Your eyes, your skin, and your organs are experiencing the freshness, which continuously verifies and refreshes the fantasy you already have in your mind. You are no longer the one who you were before you arrived in this new world. Now, you need more courage, endurance and strength in order to face the new challenges.

Sweet tooth always has sweet personality

zootopia 3

Benjamin is a leopard receptionist who works in the police office. He loves donuts and the super star gazelle. He never loses his enthusiasm and smiling face. Sometimes, I admire people who can live a life just as simple and happy as they can. Let’s get a donut and smile a bit more today.

Either die or outbreak

zootopia 4

The assistant mayor Bellwether is my favorite character in the movie, because I love her voice and fluffy wool. She is the poor little puny sheep always being bossed by the lion mayor. But who knew at the end of the movie the meek sheep is the one who tries to change the world and no longer live under oppression. It is true that in our life there were so many events happened because those people chose not to endure anymore.

The world used to be nice to us

zootopia 5

When we were a child, we used to believe we live in a wonderful world that is full of love and happiness, and there is no harm around us. Nick was a little righteous fox when he was a child. The day he was betrayed and jested by his friends was the day he rediscovers and reread the world, the people around him. The scene of him crying in the corner reminds us the memory which we don’t want to recall.

Zootopia is a movie that makes kids laugh and makes adults cry. I was wondering who are these people who produced such a successful work and all the ordinary but unexpected thoughts in the movie.  I just want to say thank you for the team who brought us so much pleasure of watching the movie.

Friendly reminder: there is no animation after the movie credits.

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