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In order for International Student Voice Magazine to truly serve as a voice for international students it was always our plan to expand our reach using social media such as WeChat. Now that we finally have the resource, we’re making it happen!

“WeChat is a very powerful social media tool,” Carrie Circosta, Editor in Chief said. “We are so excited to now be able to better reach our readers who use WeChat and be able to provide our content in another language.”

WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed in China and first released in 2011. It is one of the largest standalone messaging apps. As of December 2015, WeChat had over a billion created accounts and 650 million active users. Of those users, 70 million are outside of China.

The WeChat app is available to download on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian phones. Download and look up ISV Magazine by searching for 留学之声杂志 or scan the QR Code:







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