Brand New: Spring 2016 Issue of ISV Magazine

The spring 2016 issue of ISV Magazine is being shipped to our supporting universities around the United States!

What is it like studying in the United States as a Muslim student? That question was the focus of our spring 2016 issue.

In the spring 2016 issue of International Student Voice Magazine, three students share with us their experiences so far studying in the country. On the cover of the magazine is Malak Almunyify, an international student from Saudi Arabia who is the first female president of the Saudi Student Association at the University of Oregon.

Spring 2016 issue of International Student Voice Magazine
Spring 2016 issue of International Student Voice Magazine













The second student featured is Safia Baig from Pakistan studying at the University of New Mexico. She writes comparing the cultures of Pakistan and the United States and how this experience will help her when she returns home.

Safia Baig, Pakistan, The University of New Mexico







The final student featured is Maidina Tuohuti from China studying at George Fox University. Maidina’s story is an attention-grabbing article describing what it’s like to be a Muslim studying at a Christian university.

Medina Tohti international student voice magazine
Maidina Tuohuti, China, George Fox University










What else is in the spring 2016 issue?

Several more stories await! We feature our Margaret W. Wong scholarship winner, the ISV Magazine Spotlight Award winner, news about the STEM OPT extension, how international students are trying to revolutionize high-speed transportation, and much more!

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