Left to right: Me, my teacher Miss Jamie, and my friend Reem

My Experience in Coming to the United States

Izdehar experiences for the first time traveling outside of her home country of Jordan to come to the U.S. to study English.

I learned a lot by coming to the United States of America and this is my first experience. Where all the people say that since ancient times there are several benefits in travel. So, everyone likes to travel to several places and try all that is new. For me this is my first time traveling and it is my first coming to America too. I have enjoyed a lot during my trip and when I came to the United States.

I’ve seen a lot of new cities and countries, so far such as the city of Doha in Qatar, the city of Chicago in America, the Cleveland, Ohio area, and of course Findlay, my place in Ohio). Although, I left my own country (Jordan) to America and despite the fact that I am a very long way from my Jordan, (my trip took nearly 16 hours), I have enjoyed it very much. I have tested new things, met new  people from different countries and ethnicities, I got to know other cultures, and I became relied on myself as well.

I am studying English now at the University of Findlay  and I’m enjoying very much the atmosphere of the university. I enjoy too the people of the town and the students at the university. I’ve learned here in the United States new rules in life and dealing with people like, saying hello in the morning, the afternoon and evening at all the people and smiling whether you know them or not, having such great concern for the environment, hygiene and helping others. I am very happy in the new environment where I live, where I now reside on campus of the University of Findlay. There are all the requirements we need daily and we also have the necessities that are affordable. The university’s strategic location makes it a destination for everyone from every Arab and foreign countries.

Finally, I wish everyone got a new and useful experience for them through their coming into the United States; even they can give the benefit for their country, for themselves, and to America which care about them.

jordan 2Izdehar Yousef Hussein Shtayat

University of Findlay








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