Will There Be Less Saudi Students Coming to the U.S.?

In a recent announcement by the Saudi Arabian government, new eligibility requirements for scholarships to study abroad may change how many Saudi students come to the United States.

In new rules shared by the Council of Ministers, it says that students qualify for scholarships who are pursuing higher education in the “most distinguished” universities–specifically the top 50 universities with specializations or the best 100 universities in the world–a list determined by the Ministry of Education. They also implemented students keeping minimum grade point averages.

Just in 2014, more than 207,000 students and their dependents were on the King Abdullah Scholarsh to study abroad. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and gives students a monthly stipend to cover other costs, including taking care of family members. In total, the program cost around 22.5 billion riyals ($6 billion USD). This scholarship started in 2005 and many speculate the changes now are due to the low cost of oil in the country.

This is just the latest details shared on February 2. As soon as we have more details you can count on ISV Magazine to share them.


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