Healthy French Toast

Eating healthy in the U.S. doesn’t have to be boring! Check out this healthy french toast recipe.

Gabriela Laguna Leon is an international student from Venezuela studying at Walsh University in Ohio. She shares some of her favorite healthy recipes with International Student Voice Magazine. Not only are her recipes healthy, but they are easy to make!

Healthy French Toast 

This recipe was made very easy and quick, usually sundays are the days I eat this kind of meals but I felt like doing it today!

These are healthy, can you believe it?

While in college it is so hard sometimes to eat healthy, but with some creativity you can eat yummy and healthy. It takes time to understand how to mix ingredients but once you learn, substitutions are easy and taste great. I hope you like this recipe.


2 loafs of whole wheat bread

1 egg

2 tablespoons of Milk (use almond milk, or soy milk, I just did not have any other kind than regular milk)

Cinnamon (as much as you like, particularly I LOVE CINNAMON)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


Mix in a bowl the egg with milk, then add the vanilla and cinnamon.

Meanwhile, have a pan heating up on medium low; when the ingredients of the bowl are mixed, put the loafs of bread inside so they are cover with all the batter. After place them in the pan until they are cooked. If the pan is heated its quicker to cook them. To know they are ready just look at the loaf of bread and see if is dry.

For the Toppings:

1 small banana, which I put in the pan where I made the french toast and some water (1 teaspoon) and after added cinnamon. Wait a while and they will start making a syrup. I put the syrup on top of the toast.

1 tablespoon of peanut butter which was melted and then I added a teaspoon of cocoa powder. (I love chocolate)

1 teaspoon of chia seeds just sprinkled on top.

Enjoy! I also had some coffee with it (AMAZING)

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gabrielaGabriela Laguna Leon


Walsh University

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