The Bodyguard

Studying in the United States can be scary if you’re by yourself. But sometimes someone comes along to help. Read how Maidina found her ‘bodyguard’.

I was walking on the street in complete silence that night. I heard some voices ahead of me. There were a few young men hanging out on the street; they were smoking, laughing, and talking to each other. As I was walked closer to them, they said something that I didn’t understand, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something decent. And they laughed again.

I felt scared. I look at them and walked faster and faster; all the horrible scenes that I had seen from movies and the news came through my mind.

“Please, God, send me home safely,” I prayed all the way home.

Living off campus is one of the biggest changes I made this year. I was so grateful I could find a place to live and it costs less money than living on campus. However, I gradually realized the fact that the distance from campus to my place is a bit far, especially when the dark approaches sooner every day.

I try to go home early, but some days are occupied with late classes or work, and so I have to walk in the dark. I need to change this situation, but what can I do? I don’t have a car; I can’t find another place for now; the only thing that I can do is pray.

God listened to me; he sent me a bodyguard.

I was doing homework at the den when I heard someone talking behind me. I noticed him because he sort of reminded me of myself. I was curious about him.

“I am from Myanmar,” he said, giving me a big smile. Then our following conversations took place. His name is Thang, he immigrated to America five years ago, and is a freshman here at George Fox.

We became friends that day.

“Is there anything that I can pray for you?” he said before I left. I told him my worries about the safety problems.

He looked at me seriously, “Would it be helpful if I walk with you?” All of a sudden, I didn’t know what to say. I just met him that day, and he even offered to help me.

“This is what Jesus would do, and I am doing exactly what he did for his friends,” he says. He always reminds me when I feel bad for letting him walk with me.

I believe that God sent him to protect me. And I am so grateful that I can be friends with someone like him, who has the strong personality to be so caring and kind to everyone.

Maidina (1) international student voice magazineMaidina Tuohuti is an international student from China studying journalism at George Fox University, a private Christian university in Oregon. Maidina is a journalism intern with ISV Magazine, writing about her own experiences as a Muslim student in the U.S. as well as writing feature articles on topics important to all international students. 

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