American Students Killed in Bus Accident in Honduras

3 American students from Columbia University and several others were injured from the result of a bus accident in Honduras on Wednesday, January 14, 2016.

Olivia Erhardt, 19, Daniella Moffson, 21,  and Abigail Flanagan, 45,  lost their lives in a bus accident in Honduras.

The students were on a humanitarian mission representing the university’s chapter of Global Brigades, a non-profit which promotes health development in under resourced parts of the world.

Around 12 other students and Columbia alumni were injured in the bus accident. According to NBC News, the bus swerved off the road and fell 80 feet (24 meters) on its way from San Juancito to the airport. The group was going to the airport to fly home.

According to a press release from Lee C. Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, he shared, “This terrible and tragic loss is all the greater because these individuals were dedicating their passion and very special talents to serving those in need. No endeavor more proudly exemplifies the traditions and values of our University.”

Flanagan was also a nurse practitioner at Columbia University Medical Center in addition to being a graduate student. Erhardt started at the university studying astrophysics, but after spending a summer interning at a Cincinnati children’s hospital she decided to do more lab tech work.

According to President Bollinger’s press release, the students who were injured are receiving necessary medical attention and the students not badly injured were able to return to the United States.

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