Fall 2015 ISV Spotlight Award Winner: Sid Thatham

Congratulations Sid Thatham, an international student from India for being selected as the fall 2015 ISV Spotlight Award Winner! Learn more about Sid’s work at the University of Cincinnati and more about this award.

What is the ISV Spotlight Award?

This award puts the spotlight on an international student who not only cares about his/her campus community, but who also takes an active leadership role and serves as a positive role model for all students.

Nicole Jenkins, Program Manager, UC International Services at the University of Cincinnati shared the following about Sid:

Sid Thatham is a leader among students at the University of Cincinnati. Recently, Sid’s work with assisting fellow international students on campus caught the attention of our University’s President, Santo Ono, who has an enormous following on social media. President Ono tweeted “The sky’s the limit for Sid Thatham”. That single sentence describes Sid perfectly.

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Sid is driven and enthusiastic. Most importantly, he is a genuinely nice guy. He is also very busy. He volunteers for events all over campus and spreads the word to his fellow students through as many means as possible: Facebook, Instagram, email, classroom visits, reaching out to various student organizations, and more. As an international graduate student from India, Sid has certainly made his mark on our campus.

I plan and organize events for international students. Sid first began working with me as a volunteer. He has now worked for me in a paid capacity for two years. He works tirelessly to encourage other students to do get involved with on-campus groups and campus events.

Sid has served our campus in numerous ways over his tenure at UC. The top three most influential positions that he has held at UC include President of the Indian Student Association, Vice President of the Graduate Student Body, and Graduate Assistant (GA) at UC International. The GA position, which I supervise, provides full tuition funding and a stipend to cover living expenses. As you can imagine, these GA positions are very competitive. I specifically recruited Sid to work as a Graduate Assistant for my office because I saw his leadership potential.

In early 2015, Sid sat on the Executive Board of TEDx 2015, which brought the first ever TED Talk to UC. Most recently, Sid co-founded a service called “UC Airport Ride”, which organizes free rides to the airport for students during spring and winter breaks at UC. It is evident that Sid is a self-starter and is motivated. Sid surrounds himself with other active people on this campus so that, together, they can meet the needs and requests of students. This is why he caught the attention of our University President!

In Sid’s own words:

My time at UC has been an amazing time for self-discovery. Being an all-round student earned me the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges (Who’s Who) Award for the school year 2014-2015. I have had to encounter stressors inherent to being a student leader in addition to the stress faced by graduate students who spend more time in their labs rather than at home. But that did not stop me from striking a balance between my primary role as a student and that of a student leader; in fact, it has made the experience more enjoyable. I believe that the fruits of my labor may not be realized tomorrow or next month or even next year, but someday I am sure somebody will benefit out of it.

As the ISV Spotlight Winner, Sid will be featured in the fall 2015 issue of International Student Voice Magazine. Congratulations Sid!

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