Starting My Business in Xingjang

Mukaram Abdureyim, an international student from China studying at Western Michigan University is a finalist for the ISV Magazine Margaret W. Wong Scholarship. Read her essay here!

mukaram abdureyim international student voice magazineI am an economics department freshmen Master’s student from China. My town is called Xinjiang, also called the ancient Silk Road; it’s located in South West China. The people’s ethnicity is called Uyghur and they speak Uyghur and also Chinese. I graduated in 1998 from Xinjiang University in Urumqi and worked in a tire factory, but I still had a dream to go to start my own business. So in 2004 I quit this job and went to Beijing to study English and worked at some trading company there. From this job I got a lot of experience about business such as shipping, marketing, sales, etc., but I thought my knowledge was not enough to become a successful business woman. So I decided to come to Western Michigan University to study more about economics, to improve my business skills, and to enjoy a high quality education. I want to study more about global business, marketing, sales, leadership, project management, business analytics, etc., and afterward go back to my town Xinjiang to start my own business and to give my people a new job opportunity.

As you can see in the pictures below, all the musical instruments and hand crafts, they make by hand. They are also open minded and interested in new ideas, but they are not living well. In my hometown 80% of people are from farms and they don’t have good education, so I decided to go back to my town to use my education to help my community using my region specific communication skills. I also want to use my high quality education to help my people reach their goal, because now the Chinese government has decided to invest in the Silk Road, to open a new business line in Asia and Xinjiang. This is a very good opportunity for Xinjiang, because Xinjiang is bordering more than 10 Asian countries, and we are very wealthy in natural resources, cheap materials, and cheap labor. It is very good to start international business in the future between Xinjiang and other Asian countries, and around the world.

mukaram abdureyim international student voice magazine

That’s why I am thinking that after I go back to Xinxiang I will start my international business, to use special local products from my town such as flower caps, hand crafts, and
delicious local fruit such as grape, water melon, date, and natural farm resources. Also I will use local medicine and traditional cloth etc. to combine my business knowledge with this opportunity to help my people know more about the world, and help them improve their education and good living.

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Home Country: China

University/College: Western Michigan University,  Kalamazoo, Michigan

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