Chocolate Banana Pancakes Under 300 Calories!

Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat yummy food! Check out Gabriela’s recipe for chocolate banana pancakes under 300 calories!


All of this under 300 calories! This is wonderful considering these are 8 medium sized pancakes compared with Waffle House or IHop which just 1 pancake has 150 cal, so if you eat 8… those are 1,200 😀 without the syrup!!!!!

I’m not saying mine are better, it’s the best substitution I could make and I love them!

Here is the recipe and I usually would make half of this, but I didn’t have anything else to eat for the rest of the morning so I just made a lot to help me stay alive until I have my lunch:

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

1 large egg (usually I would add 1/4 of egg whites BUT right now I don’t have)

1 medium banana

1/2 cup of oatmeal

1 teaspoon of Cocoa Powder

1 teaspoon of flax seeds

Optional: Syrup sugar free (when is sugar free it tastes the same with a third less of calories, this will add up around 35 calories per tablespoon)

I put everything in the blender and wait about 10 minutes and add water (eye measure) so I get more :D! Another option is that if you like them very sweet you can add sweetener, but for me is enough with the sweetness of the banana and also if you buy the oatmeal already as flour you just put everything in a bowl and there you go!


Make sure you use a non-stick pan so you don’t use any oil and wait until it heats to a medium temperature so when you put the pancakes in the pan they can cook without getting burned. Then turn them when you start seeing bubbles on the top!

This is very versatile recipe because just with the egg and the oatmeal you can get a pancake. I have made pancakes and waffles of everything with these two ingredients, which I will keep sharing plus many other breakfast recipes!

Considering breakfast is HIGHLY important this will keep you full longer because it has good carbs, it has protein and it has a lot of fiber!

Let me know if you try this recipe! Comment!

Live Happy ‘N Healthy!


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