International Students Oppose Fee Increases

A group of international students vote no to the increase of housing and tuition fees. Read more!

In early October, the University of British Columbia announced a plan to increase student housing fees by 20 percent and raise tuition by 10 percent just for incoming international students, starting next September.

This past week international students at the university voted no to the increases.

At the Alma Mater Society of UBC meeting more than 500 students attended to discuss the issue. Students passed several motions, one being opposed to the housing fee increases because they want to advocate for tenants’ rights in university housing. They also voted to oppose the tuition fee increase.

Click: Read the seven total motions brought forward by students

Vocab word: What is a motion? a formal proposal put to a legislature or committee.

If the housing increase does go through, that would mean more than 6,000 students would pay at least $100 more in rent each month.

Officials at the university argued housing on-campus is still cheaper than living off-campus.

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