The Beginning of my Journey in Bali

Olivia departed for Bali, Indonesia the night of her graduation. Read the beginning of her journey to the Monkey Forest!

I departed for Bali, Indonesia the night of my graduation at 1:50 am, I was more than excited to start my new journey studying abroad. After being dropped off at the airport by my family, all I could think about was the love received from my family and friends. I was anxious to see how Bali would be while staying there for a month. Since I am a frequent flyer the twenty five hour flight didn’t bother me one bit. My plane ride to Hong King was fifteen hours long where I decided to walk up and down the aisle every twenty to forty minutes. After reaching Hong Kong I had a layover for four hours, I decided to shop while waiting. Hong Kong is hands down one of my favorite airports, the variety of stores remind me so much of Saks Fifth Avenue or your local mall. My flight from Hong Kong to Denpasar was only four hours. When I finally got off the plane I was hit with a heat wave and a storm of people. I knew it just had to be ninety degrees or more in Denpasar. Arriving in Denpasar I had to wait for my two friends Natasha and Taylor who were flying in from Taiwan and Japan. Once Natasha and Taylor arrived we all expressed our hunger. By the time we arrived at our hotel the driver Kaman informed us that nothing was open for us to eat. In order to get over the hunger I went to bed. After sleeping for three hours I woke up with sharp hunger pains. I decided to have a glass of water and get settled in my room the proper way.

The next day I woke up to a beautiful view of rice fields right outside my window. The nature in Bali is beautiful, the location of my hotel really presented the beauty of Bali. I was shocked to see the rice pickers up at 7am, dressed in layers, which protected them from getting sun burned and itching. My first breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast with a side of pineapples, bananas and papaya. My plan for my first week there was to walk around the town to get familiar with my surroundings. My first trip was to the market where I bought a lot of snacks and bottled water. My first dinner was with my teacher and the other fourteen students at this restaurant called Bali Yoga. By the end of the trip I was a regular at Bali Yoga for lunch and dinner. During the class dinner, the twelve studentsthat arrived two days earlier explained what they did in class and shared their trip to the market. During this dinner, I knew that we would all positively impact each other’s life.

My first trip was to the Monkey Forest. As soon as we walked into Monkey Forest, Natasha was attacked by a monkey for a banana. I was thrilled at how aggressive these animals were when it came to peanuts and bananas. The first monkey to jump on me for a banana frightened me because he was climbing all over my bald head for a single banana. One old and grumpy monkey insisted on following me from one end of the park to the other end. He kept following me and pulling on my dress even when I attempted to feed a smaller monkey he chased him off. These other baby monkeys decided to just prance on to my lap, I really felt they enjoyed taking pictures because they wouldn’t move off of me even though my bananas were gone. Overall this trip to the Monkey Forest made me realize I had so much more to look forward to during the next twenty-five days.


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