The ISV Show: Making New International Students 'Happy'

A group of international students at Oklahoma State University went the extra mile to make new students feel welcome on campus by creating their own version of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Students are without a doubt busy. You’re here to earn your degree, but you can always fit in some fun.

That’s the message a group of students created by doing their own version of “Happy”. Not only did the video welcome new international students to the campus of Oklahoma State University, but it showed the students it’s important to have fun.

I spoke with Kumail AlSaihati from Saudi Arabia, Swapneel Deshpande from India, and Solmaz Bastani from Iran about making the video, the response it has received so far, and their advice for new international students in the United States. We had some good laughs!


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 Watch international students at Oklahoma State University perform their own version of

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams!


Now, we turn the questions to you:

What kind of things did your campus do to make you feel welcomed as a new international student? Do you volunteer to help new students? What suggestions do you have that you think would really help new international students?


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