Winners of 2014 Summer Photo Contest Announced

Congratulations to our two winners of our 2014 summer photo contest! Click to see the winning photographs.




International Student Voice Magazine Photo Contest

The theme of this contest was: “My Life in a New Country”

Participants had to show the International Student Voice Magazine team what life is like in a new country through one single photograph and a few sentences.

“It’s simple to take a photograph now, you can do it with a camera or your cell phone,” Carrie Circosta, Editor in Chief said. “Students can capture so much about a country by taking photos. We received 119 photographs from all over the world!”

Photographs were 60% judged on creativity, description, and quality of the photo and 40% judged from the number of Facebook likes received on the ISV Magazine Facebook page between July 28-August 11.

Two winners were selected, one international student and one U.S. American student. The winners will receive an iPad Mini and a $100 gift card courtesy of International Student Protection. The winning photographs will also be featured in the fall issue of ISV Magazine and the students will be guest bloggers for the ISV Magazine website.

International Student Winner: Shanea Strachan, Bahamas, New Mexico Highlands University

ShaneaPhotoTypeRevised international student voice magazine

[typography font=”Bree Serif” size=”12″ size_format=”px”]My photograph represents the freedom of being beautiful as my natural self. We were given the opportunity to do self-portraits for Photography II Finals. Alone with myself in the studio I bared it all showing that you can be beautiful in your own skin. Beauty here in America comes in all shapes and sizes and seeing the confidence of the people around me inspired me to find the confidence in myself to take this self-portrait that I can be beautiful in my own skin, despite my size, hair type and not wearing makeup. This has impacted me greatly and I hope to impact others.[/typography]

U.S. American Student Winner: Olivia Crosby, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Olivia Crosby, international student voice magazine

[typography font=”Bree Serif” size=”12″ size_format=”px”]This is at a Balinese Purification Ceremony. The Balinese attend this ceremony once a month in which they immerse themselves under 10 out of the 12 fountains to thank ancestors, remove karma passed from them, purify their future ,to increase and cleanse their aura and to remove diseases. This represents the cultural side of the Balinese and how they live in their everyday lives.[/typography]

Congratulations to our winners!

Shanea and Olivia will be guest bloggers for the year. Keep following ISV Magazine to read their articles!

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Honorable Mentions

These photos captured the theme and received a great deal of likes on Facebook. They deserved to be recognized!

International Student Honorable Mention: Mary Suarez, Colombia, University of Oklahoma

Mary Suarez international student voice magazine

This picture of the forest at Frances Cate Park in Norman, with the nature surrounding us and a new, amazing and adventurous road ahead of us, reminds me my beautiful tropical country Colombia where the green nature, the warm breeze and the sound of beautiful birds used to give peace to my heart when life got hard, but now in a completely different country where the possibilities are countless and the road is just starting, I am so thankful that I am living this experience right next to someone who has changed my life forever and who has been encouraging me from the beginning of this journey, walking by his side gives me the strength to continue pursuing my professional dreams, he really makes feel not that far from home, and the best part is he loves to share with me that special connection between our souls and the nature, does not matter how hard the road will become, we will be stand by each other side and this beautiful park will keep the secrets of our hearts.

U.S. American Student Honorable Mention: Nicole Evans, Loyola University New Orleans

Nicole Evans international student voice magazine

This is me sitting on the edge of a cliff in South Africa at the Cape of Good Hope. It represents my life in a new country because I’ve always been afraid of heights and I’m getting to face my fears head on while exploring my new home. Seeing the Cape of Good Hope has been on my bucket list for a long time and it’s the first of many places I will go while living in Cape Town.



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