The ABCs of American Slang: U-Z

We’re wrapping up the ABCs of American slang by viewing the most common words and phrases beginning with letters U-Z.

Srinivas (Sid) Thatham, ISV Ambassador who attends the University of Cincinnati wraps up the alphabet of American slang for us.

Slang Meaning Usage
Up Cheerful He has been up ever since he met his new girlfriend.
Up for grabs Available This is a sale. Everything is up for grabs.
Veg out Relax I want to veg out in front of the television this evening.
Vibes Feelings He really gives off good vibes.
Wad Bundle of Money You don’t want to carry a wad like that with you in the big city.
Wheels Car If you let me borrow your wheels, I’ll go out and buy a pizza.
Whiz Talented Person He is a whiz at the computer.
Wired Alert I am really wired after drinking five cups of coffee.
Wussy Weak Person Don’t be such a wussy all the time. Say what you are thinking.
Yukky Bad Don’t be such a wussy all the time. Say what you are thinking.
Zapped Exhausted I am too zapped to go out with you right now.
Zip Nothing He knew zip about running the company.


Did you miss the rest of the alphabet? No worries.

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