The ABCs of American Slang: O-T

Learning slang has never been so much fun! We’re almost through the alphabet. Learn the most common American slang words and phrases beginning with letters O-T.

Today’s American slang lesson is brought to you by ISV Ambassador, DaHyun Kim.

O: Oh my god/goodness/gosh/ 

Meaning : Expressing shock or surprise/upset

Sentence: “Oh my god/goddness/gosh, I got an A in my Math class”

“Oh my god/goddness/gosh, I failed from my Math class”


    : Okidokie

Meaning : Same Meaning as Okay/ Agreement

Sentence : “Okidokie, I can surely do that for you”



Meaning : Excrement..but it baby words-

Sentence : “I gotta poo/pee really quick. I will be right back”


Party Pooper

Meaning : A person who spoils the enjoyment of other people by his/her actions or attitudes.

Sentence : “She is a party pooper because she doesn’t want to take a picture at all”

Q : Queer

Meaning : Homosexual including gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, etc

Sentence : “A friend of mine identifies themselves as queer doesn’t specify a gender”


     : Quitter 

Meaning : Someone who quits, gives up easily


Sentence : “My brother is such a quitter, he is never consistent on doing anything”

R : Rock

Meaning : Great/Nice

Sentence : “You rocked that audition, girl! Good job”


 : Roll with it

Mwaning : To go with the flow; To accept things as they come

Sentence : “What are you going to do? just roll with it”


S : Screw up

Meaning : To make a mistake, do something badly/wrong

Sentence : ” I totally screwed up my job interview”


        :Space out

Meaning : To lose oneself in thought

Sentence : “Sorry, I spaced out for a second, can you repeat that again?”


T : Tag along 

Meaning : To go with someone 

Sentence : “Hey, I am going to hang out with my brother. You wanna tag along?”



Meaning : Nice, cool, stylish

Sentence : “Did you this invention that my sister created? itsn’t it tight?”

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