Your Opinion: Is It Hard to Date Americans?

Our team found a question posted to a Yahoo! forum about dating American girls. We want to know your thoughts.

Cross-cultural dating is always an interesting topic to discuss. When we came across this question we wanted to ask the ISV Magazine readers their thoughts.

This question below is more about  international student guys dating American girls. But the same could be asked about international student girls dating American guys. Or international student guys dating American guys or international student girls dating American girls.

So, what has been your experience trying to date someone from another country or culture? What advice do you have?

And what answer would you give this student below?

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  1. Although in these days the boundaries among countries seem to start blur in some degree, more and more people are looking forward to a world where cross-cultural relationship(romantic relationship and friendship) is not uncommon, we still tend to engaged in a relationship with people who share the same or similar cultures with ourselves. It’s our nature. In interpersonal communication study, researchers point out that inclusion is one of our four emotional needs, which could be easier fulfilled when we are interacting with similar peers.

    As the student mentioned, he’s friends find it easier to make friends or have a date in Japan than in America or Europe. My guess is that, even though China and Japan are two different countries, their cultures still have some similar parts, which might make the communication easier, and filled with more emotion.

  2. I’m dating an international student. He’s a wonderful person difference in culture aside. If you mean love as in just fun or hooking up well that may just be a problem in approach or setting. If you mean dating let me tell you no matter where you are from, being from two different countries can dwell in the back of your mind like crazy. I’m so very wrapped up in my boyfriend but I know at the end he’ll be on his way back home or to more schooling. It’s just like dating someone from Cali but you’re from New Jersey. The damn distance can be maddening.

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