International Student Receives Reply From President Obama

A 15-year-old Chinese student studying in the U.S. received a letter from President Barack Obama replying to her concerns.

Los Angeles, CA–Liu Yanchi, 15, from China studies at Highland Hall Waldorf High School in Los Angeles. She’s currently taking a course about international issues, such as air pollution caused by traffic, emission, and living conditions and future development for international students in the U.S.

“I think only the President can solve international issues,” Yanchi explained. So she decided to write President Obama a letter.

She sent a letter to the White House March 2. About a month later, she received a reply. President Obama told her to keep studying hard and said the future needs a young generation with thoughts and dreams.

“The letter made me feel respected and valued,” Yanchi said.

In the letter, Yanchi along with four other international students asked two questions about each topic. They spent about a week researching before deciding to ask President Obama their questions. Along with the letter there was a signed photograph of the President.

Information and photographs for this article provided by ECNS.CN
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