Urangoo Odgerel Shares Reaction to Winning $300 Scholarship

Urangoo Odgerel from Mongolia studying at the University of Findlay in Ohio won the $300 ISV Magazine scholarship and shares her reaction with our readers.

I am so happy about being the winner!

I have to tell that I was extremely excited and just couldn’t believe it. This competition gave me lots of encouragement and confidence. Furthermore and more importantly, I am happy that I can share my thoughts and be a little bit of help and motivation to exactly same to me, international students. I would like to say many “Thank yous” for ISV Magazine for this great opportunity. At last I have to say, this is all thanks to my family, friends and all the people whom I learned a lot. This big life of ours is full of small, wonderful miracles!

 Thank you again!

 My best regards,


You can read Urangoo’s winning essay in the latest issue of International Student Voice Magazine. Click the magazine below to make it larger.

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