Why Chileans Should Study Abroad

Matias Camacho is from that long, skinny country in South America. Yes, we’re talking about Chile. He writes as a growing nation, why its citizens need to study abroad. Read more.

Born in Chile, a long country at the end of the world, it is far away from the countries that are most developed and closest to the least developed. It is a country in growth, that even if it is isolated by one of the largest mountain rings and ocean it is opening it’s way through development. Together with the growth of the country, citizens mind is growing, people are becoming more opened minded and have more worldwide knowledge. Competition to contribute to the growth of the country through your labor is becoming more competitive. It is important to realize that the world is becoming one and that countries are no longer independent, but depend from one another even if they are miles apart. Studying in another country will help you achieve your career goals for various reasons.

international student voice magazine chile mapIf Chile is no longer able to isolate itself from the rest of t he world, neither should the citizens that live in it. People in the country need to grow together with the place they live in. Studying in another country makes this possible, it allows students to create contacts with people around the world, meaning right now your circle of relations are not only with people from your own country but with people from different cultures and nationalities. This same people that you are able to meet when you study abroad may open different doors that will lead you to expand your career. It is also important to be able to learn about other cultures, religions and countries and with this be able to create different opinions of what you know as facts, be able to magnify your thought limits. Becoming less close-minded and instead becoming more tolerant is essential on a world like ours, and there is no better way to become more open minded than sharing with others different than you.

Competition, becoming the best possible and being able to stand out from your peers, is indispensable for success. Being able to study abroad allows students to learn different languages, to learn from teachers that have a different point of view because they have a different reality from teachers at home, and being able to discuss different topics with classmates that also have a different history than you, makes you part of unique educational experience. Being a part of this educational experience makes you different from those that don’t have the same opportunity, it allows you to have an advantage over others peers.

Studying in another country where you don’t know anyone, where you are by yourself is an obstacle where social and emotional abilities are being tested. These obstacles allow you to become more independent and with this become better prepared for a world full of competition when you become a professional. It allows you to adapt to a different reality and be more flexible about life, and with this earn different abilities that will be necessary for different realities and obstacles t hat life will present in a future.

Being able to study in another country helps you achieve your career goals since it provides, globalism, meaning it provides respect and appreciation for diversity. It provides different excellence characteristics like being able t o speak more than one language, which is very necessary in a world where you are always in interaction with others not only from your countries but also with others around the world. When studying in another country you create relations with people from around the world that can open new opportunities on your career on a near future. You become an independent person that is able to adapt to different situations and problems, this experience allows you to grow professionally and personally, it will help you achieve your careers goals providing different advantages that are not learned in books but throughout such a unique experience.

Article written by Matias Camacho

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Home country: Chile

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