Celebrating Diwali at the University of Toledo

The Indian Students Cultural Association (I.S.C.O) celebrated Diwali on Saturday, October 26. Check out the beautiful photos from the event.

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Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights” was celebrated by I.S.C.O by hosting the event, Diya.

Diya stands for “light” or “lamp”. With more than 550 people in attendance, the night was filled with 15 performances and fashion shows, Indian cuisine, and a chance to celebrate the festival of lights with friends. The entire university community and help from organizations in Ohio came together to support the event.

“People supported us by whatever they could give, the funding and support was amazing,” Satya Dattu explained. He arrived at the University of Toledo in January 2013 and held a position on the Diya planning panel.

“Faculty members gave donations, each department helped in some way,” Dattu explained. “The teamwork made this event successful.”

The theme of this year’s Diya was going back to the roots of India and showcasing the different villages.

“We started planning for the event in August, the performances and the decorations,” Dattu explained. “Students practiced every weekend. They would record themselves and watch so they could catch mistakes. We would make the decorations and then modify. Show them to professors, then modify again.”

Laavanya Anadan was also on the event planning panel and said having this type of event is extremely important.

“This event is important because it showcases the talent we have in the Indian community at Toledo,” Anadan explained. “Plus, we are a long way from home. You terribly miss home and when you host this type of event, it actually makes you feel at home. It also helps you meet a lot of people and you make a lot of friends.”

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To learn more about I.S.C.O. and to see more photos from Diya, please visit www.utoledoisco.org

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