Universities That Produce the Most Employable Young Graduates

According to new research results, there are 150 world-wide universities that rank producing employable graduates. See if your university/college made the list.

How it works

These results were found by interviewing more than 5,000 recruiters in 20 different countries. These recruiters work for companies looking for employees. After having them describe the ideal graduate, they then described the idea of a perfect university that would produce the most employable graduate.

Combining the idea of what the ideal graduate would look like and then their idea of the perfect university that produces the employable graduate, the research group came up with the top 150 universities.

Global Employability University Ranking

1. University of Oxford, Great Britain

2. Harvard University, USA

3. University of Cambridge, Great Britain

4. Stanford University, USA

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

6. Princeton University, USA

7. Columbia University, USA

8. Yale University, USA

9. California Institute of Technology, USA

10. University of Toyko, Japan

11. TU Muchen, Germany

12. University of California, Berkeley, USA

13. University College London, Great Briain

14. University of Toronto, Canada

15. University of Edinburgh, Great Britain

16. Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech, France

17. H.E.C. Paris, France

18. Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology, Hong Kong

19. Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, France

20. Australian National University, Australia

To see all 150 universities ranked as producing employable graduates, please click here.

This research was conducted by the French consulting group RH Emerging in partnership with the German polling institute Trendence.

Featured photograph courtesy of news.hult.edu


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