First International Student Organization Conference Underway

The first national international student conference is underway at the University of Arkansas. Learn what the conference is about and see photos from our ISV Ambassadors!

The Association of International Student Organizations (AISO) conference is March 15-March 17 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The theme for the conference is “building the future”. There are more than 50 international students from across the United States in attendance.

Attendees will attend sessions to build leadership skills, how to better work with other organizations on campus to better serve international student needs, and how to make sure international students are heard on a national level. For more information check out the conference website

ISV Ambassador, Cindy Osorio is attending the conference and will be sending photos back to the ISV Magazine office. Keep checking back here for photos. Also after the conference we’ll have ISV Ambassador, Janice Levi recap the conference for you.

international student voice AISO

international student voice magazine AISO

international student voice magazine AISO

international student voice magazine AISO

ISV Ambassador, Cindy Osorio speaks with students about International Student Voice Magazine

international student voice magazine AISO

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  1. eric pierre mezo

    hai hai ,i really appreciate this initiative of ISA and i urge you alot to to move ahead with it. How i d love to be part of it if i ve means toget for study next, sheer up it is a vry good initiative.

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