Love Makes Life Beautiful

They are not only from different countries, but also from different continents. She is from Asia—the largest continent, he is from South America. But the social and cultural differences didn’t stop them from falling in love!

They know how to sink their differences and respect each other’s culture. It all began at Pittsburg State University.

“First time I saw her in orientation I was a volunteer and she was a new student,” said Miguelangel Diaz, a Venezuelan sophomore majoring in actuarial science. They did not even exchange greetings because they were far from each other, separated by many new students.

“I thought,  ‘she is my new crush’ ” Diaz added.

Yi Ting, a Taiwanese sophomore majoring in fashion design and merchandising usually plays table tennis. It is one of her favorite hobbies. Diaz used to spend most of his time partying.

Couple of weeks later he was returning to his dorm from a party. Before going in, his sixth sense indicated  he would probably meet his crush. When he went inside and reached the table tennis table, it was a big turning point in his life. When he saw her, he was over the moon.

Extremely delighted!

He did not have words to express his feelings, a lot of things were scrolling down through his mind.

But he remained calm.

“She looked cute and attractive and dressing was nice,” Diaz said. She came to play tennis with her friend. He asked her to play tennis with him.

international student voice magazine Diaz and KarenLater, they spent most of the time playing table tennis. Yi-Ting, who also goes by Karen, thought differently about Diaz.

“I thought he was gay,” Karen said without hesitation. She thought he was gay because  one of his friends was gay, so she just assumed. However, later she realized she was wrong.

“He listens to what I have to say,” Karen said, so she started to like spending time with him. Slowly she came to know he was very talkative and always made her happy by his actions and by his affection.

“She is very open to all the cultures,” Diaz said about his girlfriend. He also said he likes Taiwanese culture, they do most of the things related to Taiwanese culture and it is interesting to both of them.

When did the couple officially start dating? They used to play table tennis together all the time when suddenly one day, he took her hand and hugged her.

“He kissed me!” Karen said. This is how this couple came to know that they loved each other.

“I had a feeling (that) he liked me,” Karen said, “but I did not expect him to kiss me!”  From this incident they became a couple and started spending more time together.

Their favorite holiday spot in the United States is snowboarding in Winter Park, Colorado. They went there in last spring break. It was one of the most memorable trips to them.

“The best thing that I ever have done in my life,” Diaz said.

“The United States is very big, it has a lot of different places to go unlike Taiwan, which is very small compared to here,” Karen added.

Every relationship has ups and downs irrespective of the strength of the relationship and this couple is no exception. One day due to a small fight Diaz decided to end the relationship because he wanted to spend more time building  his career.

“One day we broke up, but the next day we had class together,” Diaz said. They were so used to being together and it was very difficult for them to break student voice magazine diaz and karen

Diaz has an opinion about the love he feels. Every person has some flaws, once you get to know more about that person, it is obvious that they do have some flaws.

“You have to learn how to live peacefully with the flaws in your partner,” Diaz explained. “For example, she takes forever when she shops. To be honest I do not like it.” But this does not mean that he should leave her just because he does not like it.

“We have to learn how to live with these kind of differences,” Diaz reiterated.

“He sleeps so much!” Karen added. “Once he sleeps, he will take forever to wake up! Every time I try to wake him up, it is a fight.”  Some times it’s hard to do it, but still she has to do it because they do not want to lose their relationship  just because of tiny difficulties.


international student voice Digamber EslampureWritten by ISV Ambassador, Digamber Eslampure.

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