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We want everyone to know about what it’s like being an international student in the United States. Or a U.S. student studying abroad. In order to do that, people need to know about International Student Voice Magazine.

When you like our Facebook page and fill out our entry form you could win a $100 prepaid VISA gift card. It’s that simple!

But we won’t pick a winner until we hit 5,000 likes. So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends, colleagues, family, everyone!

Follow these steps:

1. “LIKE” the International Student Voice Magazine Facebook page by visiting

2. Fill out our entry form by clicking HERE or click the “PROMOS” icon below our cover page on Facebook.

3. Once you complete the entry form, you can share this with your friends on Facebook. That’s it!

Who you can ask to like International Student Voice Magazine:





-International office/study abroad at your university

-Residence Hall/apartment complex

-Local businesses

-Who else can you think of?

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