International Student Faces Discrimination While Taking Driving Test

We all have stories of what it was like taking our driving test so we can get a license. Check out the experience one international student had and share your own.

Cindy Osorio is an international student from Honduras. She was a student featured in the  article From Honduras to USA, Education Lighting the Way in the first issue of ISV Magazine. She arrived in Chicago in Fall 2011 to study and she  keeps the ISV team updated on her life in the U.S. Recently she took the driver’s license test and her experience was not what she expected.

Yeah I was getting close to getting my driver’s license, but I didn’t get it because I had a problem of discrimination in the driver place so I failed.  That issue put my confidence to drive in a bad position.

I had a lady instructor in the driver place. Since the first moment she got into the car, I said hello and introduced myself properly. She didn’t , she didn’t want to touch me and also she made fun of my size because I’m little.

Then in each part of the test she yelled me.


And she kept telling me that “people like me are always the same”. She meant that people in my culture are the same, failing or bad drivers or nasty because she was saying that all the time.

You know it was horrible. When I finish I said, “I failed, right?” And she replied, “You were a disaster. You are a disaster.”

When we returned then she saw the family that I live with and they were Americans. She started to act different.

This is one of many issues that international students have most of the time,  especially new like me here in this country. If it happened to me it’s probably happened to other International students. People think that everybody [international] is bad.

I have to try again, but in a while.  I have the licence from my country and I can drive, but to go around it is necessary to have a licence from the U.S.

That is why I love so much the ISV magazine because it is a great way to help others though their stories. It is really amazing how many things you can learn about other cultures and students as well.

Are you an International student studying in the United States and you took the American driver’s license test? Or as an International student have you been a victim of stereotypes or discrimination? Share your experience by commenting below or share on our Facebook page.

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